News 2020

  • Publication Great news! New paper accepted at ISWC-2020!!!
  • Teaching Students can book a live-appointment through Meetingbird!
  • Grant AI4ESCO: a new EU Project (granted by EURES) to make a data-driven bridge between taxonomies through AI
  • Tool Publication GraphDBLP has been released with a Web-GUI, check-it out or have a look to the ECML-PKDD 2019 paper!

Some Events I’m involved in


I am Assistant Professor (Tenure Track - RTDb) in Computer Science at University of Milan-Bicocca, and a member of the CRISP Research Centre, Italy.

Current Positions

  • [2016-present] Assistant Professor at University of Milan-Bicocca
  • [2010-present] Member of CRISP Research Centre, Milan, Italy

Past Positions

  • [2011-2016] PostDoc at University of Milan-Bicocca
  • [2017-2018] Partner at TabulaeX Ltd (formerly spin-off company of Unimib) working on BI and Big Data Analytics. TabulaeX is now part of the Burning Glass Group
  • [2015-2016] Visiting Researcher at King’s College London, AI Planning Group, UK

My research interests include

  • Artificial Intelligence: eXplainable AI, interpretable models, local and global interpretation, explanation through symbolic approaches
  • Data Science: data quality and data cleaning, vector-space models, word-embeddings, ontology learning, Graph-database algorithms
  • AI Planning [formerly]: domain-independent planning, temporal continuous planning, planning in mixed discrete-continuous domains, planning in hybrid domain

(Co)-Developed Tools

  • UPMurphi is a tool for planning with linear and nonlinear continuous PDDL+ models with processes and events. It also handles huge state spaces through a disk-based algorithm
  • DiNo A Planner built on top of UPMurphi that employs graph-based heuristics to speed-up the plan synthesis (leaded by “Planning Group” at King’s College London)
  • GraphDBLP is a tool that models (and enriches) DBLP as a graph database for performing graph-based queries and social network analyses

Granted Ongoing Research Projects

I have been working on the following granted reserch projects, that allow me putting my research on AI and XAI into practice. (see Project)

  • [2020-2021] A Data Driven Bridge Towards ESCO using AI Algorithms. Granted by EURES (call EaSI-EURES VP/2019/010).
  • [2016-2020] Real-time Labour Market information on Skill Requirements: Setting up the EU system for online vacancy analysis granted by Cedefop EU Agency
  • [2018-2020] SLEM Smart Legal Management granted by MIUR as PON project to process unstructured documents to to reduce legal risk through AI.
  • [2016-2020] The Observatory of Digital Competences, granted by the Italian Unions of ICT (Assinform, Assintel, Assinter) with support of AgiD (Agenzia Italia Digitale) and MIUR.
  • [2019-2020] ”Digital innovation: Big Data and Labour Market Information - SP EMPL” - granted by ETF (The European Training Foundation).


  • [2012] PhD in Computer Science and Applications Dept of Computer Science, University of L’Aquila, Italy. Advisors: prof. Giuseppe Della Penna (University of L’Aquila, Italy) and prof. Daniele Magazzeni (King’s College London, UK). Topics: AI Planning, Model Checking and Data Quality.
  • [2008] Master Degree in Computer Science and Application University of L’Aquila, Italy. Advisor: prof. Giuseppe Della Penna and prof. Daniele Magazzeni. Topics: AI Planning Control Theory and Model Checking. Maximum score/summa cum laude.


  • [2010-present] Lecturer at University of Milano-Bicocca. Topics: Python, SQL, NoSQL Data Stores, Business Intelligence, eXplainable AI, Text Mining
  • [2010-present] Teaching Assistant at University of Milano-Bicocca. Topics: Python, Database, SQL

Please visit my Teaching page for further details


  • [2019] Research Talent Award I’ve received the first prize at the YoungTalentAward 2019 in collaboration with Accademia Nazionale Lincei in the Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics area. “for his contribution on applying AI to labour market for describing and predicting labour market phenomena”
  • [2018] ASN - Associate Professor in Computer Science National Scientific Qualification for the position of Associate Professor in Computer Science, ANVUR
  • [2017] FFABR Research Grant for research productivity provided by Italian Ministry of research “Finanziamento annuale individuale delle attività base di ricerca” [Grants provided on a competitive basis aimed at funding research activities]
  • [2014] Best Paper Award at the Third International Conference on Data Technologies and Applications, Vienna, Austria, 29-31, 2014
  • [2013] Best Paper Award at the Third International Workshop, Human Computer Interaction – Knowledge Discovery 1-3 Luglio, Maribor, Slovenia, 2013

Service in International Journals (Selection)

  • (AICom) Associate Editor of AI Communications
    Reviewer for:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Applied Soft Computing
  • Applied Intelligence
  • Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
  • Future Generation Computer System
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Computers in Industry

Program committee membership (Selection)

  • (AAAI) AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (since 2016)
  • (IJCAI) International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2016, 2017, 2020)
  • (ICAPS) International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (since 2016)
  • ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (since 2018)
  • Data Technology and Application Conference (since 2014)


Email (preferred):
Office Hours: by appointment

Fabio Mercorio
Room 2042 - U7 Building - Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods / CRISP Research Centre, University of Milan-Bicocca Viale dell’Innovazione 10 - Milan - Italy